Untranslatable Words (Zürich, 2011)

Untranslatable Words have a specific meaning in one language but have no exact equivalent in any other one.  Untranslatable Words for the Stromereien 11 is the result of a 10 days track in June 2011 along the Limmat River, from the origins till its meeting point with the Aare River, and interaction in public spaces in Zurich.  In both, the track and the interactive action in Zurich, we asked people for untranslatable words in their language and pursue with them conversation about the meaning of the word and its cultural context. By serving as a catalyst for cultural exchange between people we hope to regain and re-activate the social role of public spaces. The presented performance at the Tanzhaus Zurich was compound of people which we met on the way, their untranslatable words and video of highlights from our tracks and live action.
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Concept and artistic direction: Dovrat Meron
Concept production & tracks plan: Knut Honsell
Video & Light: Catalina Fernandez
Guide and text: Hermann Weiss
Performance: Dovrat Meron, Nathalie Fari, Joel Wasem, Stefan Jud & Stefan Bolt
Graphic design: Heiko Honsell